Monday, August 8, 2011

Just a few Pictures

Adrienne is rolling over and loving it!!!!
Grandpa Fleming and Adrienne
Waiting for the Parade, will it ever come?
Mom with Rachel and her black eye.
Seth took Emma's picture
Enjoying the good life with a cupcake. YUMMMY!!!!
Seth, Aaron and Rachel enjoying the sun.
The boys in there new room

Moved and FINALLY all Settled

Wow, what an adventure the past few months have been. For those of you who may not know, we have moved. It came as a surprise to all of us, but when you are told to do something by the Lord, we have learned that you better act. So we did. Hopefully I can make a long story somewhat short as follows. About the middle of May, Jeff and I both had the feeling to put our house up for sale. Not knowing why, or where we would go, just knowing that we were supose to move. We met with an amazing realtor on Tuesday, she put the home up on Thursday and by Monday morning it was under contract. So we looked at homes and while looking at one in Farmington, we knew that we found the house for us. And on June 24th we moved into our new home.
The home is great and the neighbors are fantastic. We have felt loved and welcomed ever since we they showed up to help unpack the truck. We truely are belssed to have such great neighbors and ward Family. We love being closer to family and don't know how we made it so long without them so close, oh wait we had wonderful neighbors and friends!! Thanks to all of you and you know who you are. We love you and miss you all.
As for adjusting to everything, I would have to say the biggest one for me is the fact that I can jump on the freeway in a matter of minutes and don't have to take the back roads everywhere. Sadly I find myself taking the back roads more often then not partly because they are less busy and that is another adjustment that I am still making, the faster pace to life and the more people. I had to laugh when I got the City newsletter and they talked about how Farmingtion is a nice Rural area. Don't get me wrong, I do love it here and am glad to be here, but still miss the small town with the slower pace to life. It just fit with me.
As for the kids, they have adjusted with very few problems for the most part. Emma had the easiest time as she found five girls all about her age in our circle.She can usually be found with one of them through out the day.Rachel had a hard time until her room was put together and she realized that she still had all of her things, mommy was here and she was okay. Adrienne really had no idea of what has all taken place, she just wants mommy. Aaron had a hard time for about the first week, he needed dad for everything, was a lot more whinny and wanted to play with his good friend Jake. Seth had the hardest time out of all of us. For the next few days he kept asking when we were going back to our "real" house. When we would try to explain that this was our house now, he would say, "no, this is our pretend house, we need our real house in Granstville." Then would cry and miss all of his friends. There are actually a good number of boys his age in our ward, but only one that lives in walking distance for him to go with out me. He is doing better now and I think preschool will help even more. Plus I have to give credit to his new primary teacher who is working wonders with that little boy. She may not see it, but oh she has been a huge blessing for him.
Well there is still so much more to update and tell, like when Seth nearly drowned the first time we went swimming at the pool. That was scary, a hart stopping moment for sure. Lucky there was a lady there watching and pulled him out and he is doing just fine. Now we don't leave the house without life jackets on. But that is another story for another time, little Adrienne needs her mommy. Maybe I can get Jeff to post a few pictures.
Love, The Forsgren Family
Sorry it took me so long. I will try better with updating. I have to, if not for anyone but you. That's right you know who you are. I will try to be a better blogger.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Fun 2010

Wow, it has been forever since we have updated the blog, sorry to those of you who may check it. Thanks Melissa for reminding me to update, I needed that. Well this summer has been a busy one, but a lot of fun. To start of the summer we got a new car, or rather a monster, but it has more room and that is what we needed with four kids and the fun that comes with them. To give you some of the big things we did were... Ashley my baby sister got married on July 1st and is loving married life. It was a quite amazing thing to be in the Temple with all my siblings and parents. One that will never be forgot. The Lord does have a plan for all of us and Loves each and everyone of us, the family is what it is all about and the Temple is the place to be. The next day we were privileged to attend a close family - friend sealing. The Nyes were able to have Josh sealed to them and what an perfect sealing it was. Josh was so happy and in awe of all that was taking place, but couldn't let the time go by with out telling his mommy and daddy how much he loved them. Josh we love you and Emma still wants to marry you. Speaking of the Nyes, we had the hard task of say good-bye to our dear friends as they moved to Colorado. Emma and Seth are missing them everyday and Seth is lost with out his little Peyton. I must admit I am a little lost without Sarah as well. The Nyes are wonderful people and they have all left a dear hold on our hearts that will not be forgotten. We wish them the best in making their new house a home and we know they will have no problem making friends and fitting right in. Our family also had a fun trip to Lake Tahoe. We were there for a week and went with my parents. It was a ton of fun and really nice to have the extra help with the kids. Thanks so much mom and dad for all your help and for coming with us. The kids loved the beach and Emma and Aaron even found a crawdad. Rachel loved the sand, and Seth was all about the water, beach or pool just as long as it was water he was good. Lake Tahoe is so beautiful and I am grateful to have been able to visit it once again. While at Tahoe, we also took a day trip to the coast and to San Francisco were we meet up with Ashley and Jeremy whom were on their honeymoon. It was good to see them and spend sometime with them as well. For my dad's birthday we all went "camping" in the backyard. It was hot, but a ton of fun. The grand kids had fun running all around and Aaron loved all the sweets from grandpa Cookie, that boy sure can eat. We also had a big party with Jeff's family for a combined b-day party. It was sure fun to have most of the grand kids together and play. Emma and Seth sure love their cousins. Later this week Seth has to go in for surgery on his eyes. They are going to cut out a part of his muscle to shorten them up so that they don't turn as much. I am a little nervous for him, but have faith that all will work out and he will be just fine. I am sure there are some fun things that I have left out, but basically we are just having fun with the family and trying to keep a float with kids, work, life and church callings. Jeff is still in Young Men's and loving every minute of it. Seth and Emma are both in primary, Aaron in nursery and Rachel hangs our with me in Relief Society, however good friends usually have her, while I have to sit up front and take roll.
As for a little update on the kids.
Emma - is a girly, girl. She still loves dresses, skirts, and anything princess like. She love to play mom and can be a big help around the house. She can't wait for preschool to start and wants so much to go to the Temple and marry Josh.
Seth- is growing big and still loves anything and everything to do with cars, trains or plains. As mentioned earlier he has surgery later this week and we hope all will go well. He loves to ride his bike and speeds up and down the street all day long.
Aaron - is a ball full of energy. He wants so much to do want Emma and Seth are doing, but is not quite big enough and it drives him crazy. He loves his daddy and once Jeff is home from work, Aaron is his little shadow. Aaron learned to jump this summer and it was funny to watch.
Rachel- wow she is growing way to big, way to fast. She will be 8 months on Saturday the 14Th and already crawling all over and has been for the past month. She loves mommy, food, the dog, mommy, books, wipes, oh and did I mention mommy.
Jeff- is doing amazing with keeping up with all that is on his plate. Work, family, school, kids, and young men's president. Time is valuable and we cherish all the time we have together. Thanks so much for all you do Jeff. You amaze me each and every day and there is no way I could do all that you do. I love you.
Well better go, Rachel is in need of some mommy time. I will do pictures soon, if not tonight then tomorrow.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Well, I have been slacking off n updating the blog and have been waiting for Rebecca to do it, well, no more!!!! She is busy enough with the 4 kids and our new puppy. It is time for me to keep people up to date. Well here we go:

Emma is learning, growing and is 4 going on 25.
Seth got glasses, he is getting used to them, but he may have them until he is 8-10 years old.
Aaron is getting more teeth, speaking more words and teasing his siblings more and more.
Rachel is growing, getting chunky, not sleeping at night, but overall is a very happy little kid.
Mom is tired, exhausted really, but is doing an amazing job with herself and the kids. She is an inspiration to me.
Me- still work for WJ Bradley as an underwriter. I am going back to School, well Institute to graduate. I being 2 classes at the end of May that last 5 weeks. We will see what Fall brings.

Timber- Our new dog. We adopted him from the Grantsville shelter. He is a German Shepard Cross. What he is crossed with, we do not know, but believe there is some coyote in him. He is about a year old and is overall a very good dog.

Anyways, know that we love you and pray for you. We know the Saviour lives and loves us.

Good night.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pictures, pictures, pictures, and more pictures.

Rachel 3 months
Emma and Stratton
I love to swing.
Soooo COLD, but loving it.
You gotta love that face.
Emma on the Wii
What we do for fun on Tuseday night while Dad is at young men's.
Seth and his new glasses

Aarong can make some of the funnist faces. You may see
a few in the ones coming up as well. They just make me laugh.
My fingers, Yummmmm!

Mom look, I'm a puppy playing with my car.
More funny faces.

One day while feeding Rachel, Aaron thought it would be
nice to clean the floors and Seth took the picture, pretty good
if you ask me.
Rachel with her brothers. They will keep her safe no matter
what. (Emma was at preschool)
Such a happy, smily baby.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Growing so fast.

Kids grow so fast, and it has been a while since the last blog so here we go. Earlier this month we have taken Seth to an eye specialist because his left eye would turn inward. They ran a few tests and sent us home with a prescription for glasses. Seth has what they call accommodative esotropia most commonly known as crossed eye or crooked eye. The hope is that with wearing the glasses his strong eye will become weaker and the weaker eye will be come stronger, and when he gets older he will not have to wear them. He hates to wear the glasses because he can see better with out them, but is doing better at keeping them on. We have another appointment at the end of April to see if there has been any improvement or not. I may be predigest, but I think he looks studly in his new glasses. We love you so much Seth, keep smiling! You are truly a delight in our family.
Emma is loving every minute of preschool and learning more and more of just who she is everyday. She still is in love with princess and wants to be just like them in every way. She hates wearing anything other then dresses, because that is what princess wear. She is a great help at home and we love her dearly.
Aaron is becoming more and more vocal every day. He loves his dad and is attached at the leg or the hip once Jeff walks in the door from work. When Jeff has to leave again for young men's he has the biggest fit and just sit and cries and wants nothing to do with mom. (At least for the nest few minutes, until he realize attention from mom is better then none.) He loves shoes, outdoors, trucks, and balls. He calls everything a ball. We love you Aaron and are glad you are a part of our family.
Rachel, wow she is growing so big so fast. I remember when we brought her home, how tiny she was. Now she is much bigger and a bundle of joy. If you are ever having a bad day, just come and hold Rachel, she will brighten your day like no one else can. She has the cutest big smile and it's genuine, not gas. (Although she has a lot of that as well!) She tries to talk and makes the cutest baby noises. It is so much fun having her for a daughter. We love her to pieces.
Dad, is amazing, busy, and even more busy. Weather it is doing things around the home, working, out with a young man in the ward to help them know they are loved and needed, at meetings, home teaching, or with the young men's group. Jeff is a very spiritual person and wants nothing more then to serve the Lord. To give back to the Lord, what He has blessed Jeff and I with. I love you so much Jeff and am so grateful for all the hard work that you do. Jeff has a great outlook on life and as many of you know is always full of life and happy. I don't nearly thank him enough for all that he does. I love you Jeff!!!
Mom- well as for me. I am loving my life. I love the time I am able to spend with my children and with Jeff. Things are going great and I can't wait for the warm sunny days to take the kids outside and play. I love the summer time, just for that.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lessons in Life

Today I had the opportunity to teach my kids an important lesson about life, or rather the lack there of. Death. To give you a little background, for Family Night each month we pick a topic to discuss though out the month, then tie it into something gospel related. For example in January we learned about hands then talked about the Saviors hands. For March we choose animals. Earlier this month we talked about how some animals help us and what they do, such as cows gives us milk and meat. Sheep give us wool and so forth. This week we talked about animals that are more for our fun and enjoyment, such as pets. We thought it would also be a great time to bring in the art of learning more responsibility and have the kids take care of a pet. While we would love a dog, we are not quite ready for one just yet. So we took the kids to the local Wal-Mart and let them pick out some fish. This morning as you may have guessed, we found one dead. When it came time to flush the fish down the toilet. Emma and Seth began asking questions about the fish. Like wear it was going? Would it come back? Is it just sleeping with it's eyes open? Who would watch the fish and take care of it? I saw a great lesson about death could be learned, so I sat them both down and told them that the fish had died. That we have a spirit and a body, when we die our body stays here on earth and our spirit goes to Heaven. In this case I told them that the fish went to fishy heaven. Emma with her tender little heart got all chocked up, told the fish she would miss it and then started to cry. There was not much I could do but hold her. Seth then chimed in and asked, did he (the fish) die just like Jesus, mom. I told him yes. He smiled a little smile, then said, then he will be okay. Then just like that they were both asking if dad could bring home another fish that they could name Aleeo Jr. after the fish (Aleeo) that died. By the way Emma named the fish.
Kids really are the greatest teachers. Here I was thinking how great of a mom I was for seizing the opportunity to teach my children about death, when in reality they were teaching me. Yes, I may have taught them a little about life and death this morning, but Seth reminded me of a greater lesson. One that means so much more then life and death. A lesson that really maters That when we do as the Savior has done, we will be just fine. For just like the Savior did only what He saw His Father do, we to must follow in the footprints of the Savior. Even until death, and then some. Life will always go one, what matters most is how we spend the time we are given. If we are doing our best to do as the Savior has done, then we will be just fine.